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Mobile Air Conditioning services in Bedfordshire

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Is the air conditioning in your car more luke warm, than ice cold ?

The air conditioning system in your car contains gas. Over time the gas escapes, and the system looses pressure. This is perfectly normal, but results in lack of efficiency, or no cool air at all. 

In most cases, we can refill the system, and restore Ice Cold Air back in to your car or van.

Call or email to see if we can help you today !



  • £60 Standard Service* at your home or place of work

  • £15 Anti-bac cleaning of system (available with re-gas)

  • £25 Leak Additive (available with re-gas for small leaks)

  • £40 Nitrogen charge/Gas recovery for DIY mechanics etc

  •  £129 Vehicles manufactured after 2017.                  


I am based in Toddington, Bedfordshire and cover the villages and surrounding areas of Beds, Bucks and Herts

I am happy to come to your driveway, or place of work as long as we have a safe place to park, and work and a reasonably close supply of electricity (standard 3 pin socket)

Standard service is for most cars manufactured before 2014, using r134a gas, we can advise on this in advance.

For DIY mechanics etc, we are happy to recover any gas,        pressure test your system etc so you can legally, and safely work on your own car.

During Covid-19,  safety to our customers, and ourselves as priority. I can carry out all of our procedures in a socially distanced manner, just requiring the keys for the car. Protective gloves will be worn, and anti-bacterial spray used for any of the surfaces touched in the car.

As a small business, not a corporation, I am at the end of the phone, or email. We are very flexible with our schedules, and are available at weekends, evenings and sometimes at short notice.

Image by Tim Mossholder


Call or text me on

 07434 635511

I am very flexible with our times, evening and weekends no problem, just call or drop me a line.

All Our prices fully inclusive

We accept all major credit cards upon completion of the work